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Faye Driscoll 10/08/15 To 10/10/15
In this first installment of her Thank You for Coming trilogy, five performers (along with Driscoll and composer Michael Kiley) pass through ever-morphing states of physical entanglements and scenes of distorted familiarity with physical rigor and humor, creating a constantly reimagined group experience. Intimately staged in the round, Driscoll creates a heightened reality of observation, invitation, and interdependence. Audience and performers increasingly find themselves becoming one as a beautiful and shared identity emerges. The second part of the trilogy was in development at the ICA this past summer and will be presented in 2016.
Doug Varone & Dancers 10/16/15 To 10/17/15
Known for its expansive vision, versatility, and technical prowess, Doug Varone and Dancers create kinetically thrilling dances that reflect the complexity of the human spirit. From the smallest gesture to full-throttled bursts of movement. Varone's work can take your breath away. The company will perform the Boston premiere of ReComposed, inspired by American abstract atrist Joan Mitchell's pastel drawings and set to Max Richter's newly constructed version of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, along with other works.
Artist's Response: ARE on Leap Before You Look 10/17/15
Artists Helen Miller and Joshua Hart of ARE (Aesthetic Relational Exercises) lead visitors through simple artistic exercises in response to artworks found in Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933–1957. Previously featured at the Whitney Museum of American Art and Dia Art Foundation, ARE’s workshops encourage visitors to experience works of art through artmaking. No previous art experience required. Capacity is limited; pre-registration recommended. *A limited number of full scholarships are available for Boston Public School teachers with advance registration. For more information, contact Lenny Schnier at lschnier@icaboston.org or 617-478-3136.
First Friday: (Bau)House Party 11/06/15
Delve into Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933–1957 and channel your inner Gropius at the ICA’s take on the Bauhaus costume parties of the 1930s.
Monsoon, Prayers and New Routes 11/07/15 To 11/07/15
Drawing upon work from native and diaspora filmmakers and artists from Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, and Turkey, Monsoon, Prayers and New Routes documents the Islamic communities dispersed around the Indian Ocean and beyond. Many of the filmmakers and artists featured in the program reside in trans-oceanic port cities, and their practice touches upon concepts that reverberate across diaspora and migration, urban culture and religious struggle, and new approaches to image and sound in the age of globalization. Organized by writer and independent curator Xin Zhou in collaboration with the Harvard University Asia Center
BJFF: Shorts Program 11/08/15
Don’t miss the stellar series of short films from Israel, France and the USA. Dear God – 13 minutes A touching and romantic short film from the directors of Magic Men, Mabul, and A Matter of Size. In Hebrew with subtitles. Paris on the Water – 27 minutes A once-famous actress confronts aging and marital troubles. In Hebrew with subtitles. Winner of the short film competition – Stay tuned! Winner announced on Thursday, November 5th! What Cheer? – 17 Minutes Musical theatre composer Stan (Richard Kind) unexpectedly loses his wife. As he struggles to overcome his grief, he finds it relentlessly following him around in the form of a 19-piece marching band, which only he can see. In English
BJFF: Bulgarian Rhapsody 11/08/15
Bulgaria’s recent submission to the Academy Awards is a visually stunning tale of first love and friendship set in the summer of 1943. When 17-year-old Moni meets his pretty, fun-loving cousin, Shelli, he is smitten. Unfortunately, so is his more worldly best friend Giorgio. Their teenage love triangle plays out against the Nazis’ invasion into Greece and Bulgaria, with dire consequence looming
BJFF: Censored Voices 11/08/15
Only days after Israel’s Six-Day War in 1967, famed writer Amoz Oz sat down with soldiers and recorded their fresh accounts of their war experiences, including his own. For years these tapes were censored by the Israeli military. Today, almost 50 years later, the soldiers, now gray-haired, listen to their own testimonies for the first time, on camera. Censored Voices brings forth a history that challenges the heroic stories of this period with which we are familiar.
BJFF: Those People 11/08/15
Things are looking up for Charlie when he meets the man of his dreams, an older pianist from across the globe. If only Charlie weren’t secretly in love with his childhood best friend, a rich-kid Sebastian, who is embroiled in a financial scandal. As Charlie faces the new realities of adulthood and he must also face feelings he’s repressed for years.
John Zorn's: Simulacrum 11/13/15
Called the most extreme organ trio ever, Simulacrum is yet another wild new offering from composer and alchemist John Zorn, who continues to explore new worlds and new ensembles into his sixth decade. With dramatic through-composed pieces (meaning pieces in which each stanza takes on a new style) that unfold with a cinematic logic, this genre-bending music defies classification, touching upon metal, jazz, minimalism, atonality, noise, and more. Passionately performed by an unusual all-star trio of John Medeski on organ, Matt Hollenberg on guitar and Kenny Grohwoski on drums, this powerful and fascinating music highlights the MENTAL in experimental!
Nan Goldin: I Remember Your Face 11/14/15
Like Goldin's photographs, Nan Goldin: I Remember Your Face is at once gritty, intimate, and exceptionally cool. When Massachusetts native Nan Goldin made her debut in the 1970s she was one of the first photographers to turn her camera on herself and the people closest to her. In Goldin’s case this was a “family” of bohemians — artists, club kids, drug users, and transvestites. Now, forty years later, the film follows her as she meets old friends and lovers, revealing personal stories about her life as an artist.
BJFF: Do You Believe In Love? 11/14/15
Tova does not believe in love. But she has had remarkable success as a matchmaker, specializing in finding matches for people with disabilities. Despite her tough-love approach, her passion for her work and for her clients is undeniable. Funny, heartwarming and endlessly entertaining, this documentary follows Tova, who has muscular dystrophy, over the course of a year, inviting us to join in her pain, humor, love, and an enormous lust for life.
Intro To Digital Photography: Workshop for Kids 11/15/15
Go beyond the basics of documenting with your camera. Learn more about framing, camera angles, and more. Each participant will complete a scavenger hunt and collect and create her or his own images. This workshop is for individual students ages 10 and up. All equipment will be provided. Participants are invited to bring along prints of 1 or 2 favorite pictures they’ve made to share with the group. Scholarships are available for students at Boston Public Schools. For scholarship information, email klomatoski@icaboston.org at least 3 weeks prior to program.
Cage and Boulez: Correspondence 11/15/15
Presented in conjunction with Look Before You Leap: Black Mountain College 1933–1957 Between 1949 and 1954, composers John Cage and Pierre Boulez exchanged a series of remarkable letters that are the basis for this remarkable concert featuring soloists of the renowned Paris-based Ensemble Intercontemporain. The group will perform a selection of works written during their correspondence including Boulez's “Second Piano Sonata,” “Livre pour quatuor,” and “Douze notations” and Cage's “String Quartet in Four Parts,” “Six melodies for violin and keyboard”, “Music of Changes,” and “Sonatas and Interludes.”
This is Tango Now 11/20/15 To 11/22/15
Formed by renowned, Tony-winning tango artists Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo and musician Alfredo Minetti, This is Tango Now represents a unique approach to tango, reflecting an unconditional passion for the art form. Featuring a stellar company of 12 dancers and musicians performing the world premiere of Carmen...de Buenos Aires, this breathtaking new production of Carmen blends tango and flamenco with an original score based on Bizet's beloved melodies.
Station to Station 11/27/15 To 11/28/15
A high-speed road-trip through modern creativity, artist Doug Aitken’s Station to Station is a revolutionary feature comprised of 61 one-minute films highlighting an exciting and eclectic mix of artists, musicians, writers, places, and perspectives
The Bang Group: Nut/Cracked 12/18/15 To 12/20/15
Nut/Cracked—The Bang Group’s beloved, witty response to The Nutcracker—has delighted audiences for more than a decade. Nut/Cracked takes its inspiration from all corners of the dance canon, from tap riffs to en pointe ballet, by way of bubble wrap, disco, and Chinese take-out noodles (consumed en pointe!). Choreographer David Parker finds beauty in the ridiculous, waltzing us through many incarnations of Tchaikovsky’s score, including versions by Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller, as well as the traditional orchestral suite. You’ll never watch The Nutcracker in quite the same way again!
DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE 02/12/16 To 02/13/16
Four local companies each representing a different form of dance. More information to follow.
Kid Koala's Nufonia Must Fall 02/19/16 To 02/20/16
Scratch DJ and music producer Kid Koala present a heartwarming adaptation of his graphic novel Nufonia Must Fall, in which a lovesick robot attempts to write a love song to woo a co-worker. Stick around for a special one-night-only after party DJed by Kid Koala following Friday’s performance.
Kid Koala After Party 02/19/16
Scratch DJ and music producer Kid Koala present a heartwarming adaptation of his graphic novel Nufonia Must Fall, in which a lovesick robot attempts to write a love song to woo a co-worker. Stick around for a special one-night-only after party DJed by Kid Koala following Friday’s performance.
Trajal Harrell 03/25/16 To 03/26/16
When Trajal Harrell first posed his provocative question of what would happen if vogue dancers from Harlem had come downtown to mash up with the post-moderns at Judson Church in the 1960s, who knew the answer would lead to Greek tragedy. In Antigone Sr. (L), the fifth installment of Harrell’s ongoing series Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (ICA audiences may remember the previous installment (M)imosa), the pioneering choreographer questions how different vogueing and the theater of antiquity might be, reimagining notions of gender, class, sexuality, and citizenship
a canary torsi: Court/Garden 04/08/16 To 04/09/16
A spectacle in three acts, choreographer Yanira Castro’s Court/Garden takes as its inspiration the imperial ballets of Louis XIV’s court, the spectatorship of the proscenium stage, and the presentation of video feeds. Each act is staged within a specific audience/performer relationship, shifting the experience to ask, Who is the court? Who will be king for a day? Performed by Castro’s group a canary torsi, Court/Garden evokes cultural, social, and political frames of experience with an operatic, spectacle-driven vocabulary reflecting how power functions in contemporary theatrical images from the fashion runway to the creation of cultural icons.
Sound Icon 04/28/16
Sound Icon, conducted by Jeffrey Means, perform: Pierre Boulez, Anthèmes 2 Beat Furrer, Gaspra et Aria Tristan Murail, L’esprit des dunes
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