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The Measure of All Things 10/23/14 To 10/23/14
Loosely inspired by the popular Guinness Book of Records, this charming “live documentary” weaves together portraits of record-holding people, places, and things. Director Sam Green developed the signature style following the success of his Oscar-nominated documentary The Weather Underground, drawing from old travelogues, Benshi tradition, and TED talks. A meditation on fate, time, and the outer contours of human experience, The Measure of All Things screens with in-person narration and a live soundtrack by indie chamber group yMusic.
WORDLESS! 10/26/14 To 10/26/14
Art Spiegelman radically changed the public perception of comics with his Pulitzer Prize–winning masterpiece MAUS, earning the designation “father of the graphic novel.” In WORDLESS!—a genre-bending performance he calls a “hybrid slide talk, standup routine, academic lecture, and full-scale concert by Philip Johnston”—he takes viewers on a punchy personal tour of wordless novels by early-20th-century masters Frans Masereel, Lynd Ward, and Milt Gross. Accompanied by Johnston’s score of “rollicking, klezmer-inflected, vaudeville jazz” (Paris Review), WORDLESS! also features “Sharing Thought,” a new work Spiegelman drew specifically for the project.
Wot? No Fish! 10/31/14 To 11/02/14
In 2009 British playwright Danny Braverman inherited an unlikely family treasure: more than 50 years’ worth of weekly wage packets, each small brown envelope featuring a drawing Braverman’s great-uncle Ab Solomans made for his wife, Celie. Sweet and often self-deprecating, these drawings dating from 1926 to 1982 document the everyday activities, absurdities, and ups and downs of their shared life—and capture a moment in social history. With gentle direction from Nick Philippou, Braverman shapes Ab’s unusual chronicle into a simple but engrossing one-man show that Guardian theater critic Lyn Gardner called “one of the best shows I’ve seen in Edinburgh this summer, indeed one of the most touching I’ve seen all year.”
First Fridays: Hooked & Twisted 11/07/14
Celebrate the opening of the ICA’s major fall exhibition, Fiber: Sculpture 1960–present, featuring pioneering art works made out of everyday materials like yarn, rope, and thread. Take a tour, make your own fiber-inspired creation with local artists, and cut a rug on the dance floor with Boston’s best DJs.
JACK Quartet 11/08/14
The acclaimed JACK Quartet returns to the ICA with the Boston premiere of Georg Friedrich Haas’s third string quartet, “In iij. Noct,” a composition acclaimed and notorious for its unusual staging in complete darkness. The musicians perform the work from memory, positioned around the audience and guided by sonic cues embedded in the score. The piece is composed of several different segments Haas calls “situations”; players determine their sequence, and how many times each is played, on the spot. There will be no late seating allowed for this performance.
BJFF: The Return 11/13/14
This poignant documentary follows several women in their 20s, as they try to reclaim their cultural and religious Jewishness in a vacuum, with little knowledge of their long-buried heritage.
BJFF: God's Slave 11/13/14
God’s Slave follows the parallel stories of an Islamic fundamentalist and potential suicide bomber, and the tough-minded Israeli Mossad agent sent to Argentina to prevent an attack. The clock is ticking, and a synagogue and its congregation are threatened in this tense, exciting political thriller.
BJFF: Regarding Susan Sontag 11/16/14
A brilliant valentine to one of the most remarkable and charismatic intellectuals of the 20th century, this vivid biography portrays Sontag's bouncing from essays to political stands to problematic lovers, and with its subject, both vain and tormented, confronting her Judaism and her lesbianism.
Film-making 101 11/16/14
Learn the basics of how to put together a film, including deciding on concept, choosing content, editing, adding sound and special effects. Each pair will complete a short piece by the end of the class. This class is for students ages 8 and older with an adult. Different topics will be explored at each class. Each registered pair MUST bring a flash/thumb drive with them on the day of the workshop. Scholarships are available for families at Boston Public Schools. For scholarship information, contact Kathleen Lomatoski: klomatoski@icaboston.org at least 3 weeks prior to program.
BJFF: Next Stop Greenwich Village 11/16/14
In Paul Mazursky’s autobiographical comedy set in the 1950s, Larry Lapinsky crosses the bridge from Brooklyn and his larger-than-life Jewish mother (an astonishing Shelly Winters) to become an actor, a lover, and a Greenwich Village bohemian. With sublime supporting performances from Jeff Goldblum and Christopher Walken and a commanding lead from the late Lenny Baker, a Brookline native and a BU graduate.
BJFF: My Own Man 11/16/14
What does it mean to be a man? As he turns 40, David, the filmmaker, who has never felt sufficiently masculine, explores this question through witty attempts at “macho” activities. His foil - his surgeon father, a 1950s-style male, a “Jewish John Wayne” - has never questioned traditional gender roles. Can there be a rapprochement between them, especially with David’s wife about to deliver a baby boy?
Ronald K Brown \ Evidence 11/21/14 To 11/22/14
Ronald K. Brown and his company, Evidence, explore dance idioms from across the African diaspora, mixing Cuban, Caribbean, West African, and modern American dance forms to create high-energy works that joyously blend complex rhythms with a deep but down-to-earth spirituality.
Film: Captive Beauty 12/04/14
A feature documentary by Boston filmmaker Jared Goodman features four female inmates and a surreal beauty pageant inside Madellin, Colombia's all female prison. It's an intimate tale of the women's crimes, their childhoods, and a unique search for redemption.
The British Arrows 12/07/14 To 01/11/15
Boston is one of just 10 U.S cities to screen this annual showcase of the British Television Advertising Awards. Described as "bite-size films" or "minute masterpieces" (The New York Times), these outstanding commercials offer a glimpse into the originality, wit, and creativity of British advertising.
Film: Through a Lens Darkly 12/07/14 To 12/28/14
A rich and lyrical tapestry that is both personal and epic in scope, Thomas Allen Harris’s extraordinary documentary, Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People, is a unique examination of they way black photographers—and their subjects—have used the camera as a tool for social change from the time photography was invented to the present.
Marty Ehrlich + Ned Rothenberg 12/11/14
Join us for a special evening with two leading voices in contemporary, category-bending musicianship. From Jewish liturgical music to North Indian traditions to jazz and all its offshoots, master composers and improvisers Marty Ehrlich and Ned Rothenberg draw from a wide range of influences and ideas. Ehrlich and his Dark Woods Ensemble will present “Songs and Fables,” with the clarinetist and saxophonist joined by Eric Friedlander on cello and John Hébert on bass. Ned Rothenberg follows with Inner Diaspora, an ensemble deeply invested in cross-cultural exploration. Rothenberg appears on clarinet, alto saxophone, and the Japanese shakuhachi flute; he’ll be joined by Mark Feldman on violin, Erik Friedlander on cello, and Jerome Harris on guitar.
Ottawa Animation 2013 01/11/15 To 02/01/15
A selection of audience favorites and award winners from the 2014 Ottawa International Animation Festival.
The Long Count / The Long Game 01/15/15 To 01/17/15
Matthew Ritchie concludes his 18-month residency at the ICA with this multimedia stage production about the beginning of time. Inspired by the “hero twins” of the Mayan book of creation Popol Vuh, the show presents a mythical song cycle of a capella vocals, layered sound, and subtle, scintillating rock.
Mark Morris Dance Group, Off-Peak 01/21/15 To 01/25/15
Mark Morris returns to the ICA for the first time since 2007! Beloved for his inventive, uniquely musical, and contagiously joyful dances, the Brooklyn-based choreographer will present four works: Italian Concerto, A Wooden Tree, the passionate Jenn and Spencer, and Words.
Mark Morris Dance Group, Peak 01/24/15
Mark Morris returns to the ICA for the first time since 2007! Beloved for his inventive, uniquely musical, and contagiously joyful dances, the Brooklyn-based choreographer will present four works: Italian Concerto, A Wooden Tree, the passionate Jenn and Spencer, and Words.
Shantala Shivalingappa 02/27/15 To 02/28/15
Perhaps best known for her work with Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater Wüppertal, Shantala Shivalingappa is also one of the world’s leading experts in South Indian Kuchipudi, a narrative classical dance form. Expect an evening of storytelling, surprising rhythms, and quicksilver movement in a format seldom seen in Boston.
Moses(es) 03/27/15 To 03/29/15
Reggie Wilson returns to the ICA with his Brooklyn-based Fist and Heel Performance Group. An evening-length exploration of “how we lead and why we follow,” Moses(es) draws from influences including Zora Neale Hurston’s Moses, Man of the Mountain; Wilson’s studies of Monotheism, African cultures, and fractal geometry; and trips to Israel, Egypt, Turkey, and Mali.
Miwa Matreyek 04/17/15 To 04/18/15
A newcomer to Boston, LA-based multimedia artist Miwa Matreyek combines animation, video installation, and performance for one-of-a-kind experiences that have appeared at international art centers and festivals including Sundance Film Festival. These two pieces combine stunningly lovely imagery with inventive movement and shadow play for works that are,as she says, “at once semi-scientific (like flipping through a children’s encyclopedia), emotional, and dream-like, rich in surrealism, metaphor, and fantasy.”
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