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2016 Ottawa International Animation Festival 01/08/17 To 01/15/17
Enjoy the world's most cutting-edge, thoughtful, funny, and provocative animation at the ICA's presentation of the Ottawa International Animation Festival's best selections from 2016.
ODC/Dance 01/20/17 To 01/21/17
San Francisco's groundbreaking ODC/Dance presents innovative exuberant, and fearless contemporary dance. Internationally acclaimed for its athleticism, passion, and intellectual depth, ODC makes its Boston debut with the premieres of KT Nelson's Dead Reckoning, a power work that explores a world transformed by climate change with original music by celebrated Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, and Triangulating Euclid, a physical, insightful, and emotive work created by Kronos founder Brenda Way, resident choreographer KT Nelson, and renowned New York-based choreographer Kate Weare.
Sundance Film Festival Shorts 01/29/17 To 02/05/17
Showcasing a range of story and style, the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour is a 95-minute program of eight short films selected from this year's Festival, widely considered the premier showcase for short films and Launchpad for many now-prominent independent filmmakers for more than 30 years.
Gallim Dance 02/10/17 To 02/11/17
Gallim Dance, one of New York's leading contemporary dance companies, performs the Boston premiere of W H A L E, an evening-length piece created by Artistic Director Andrea Miller in collaboration with her acclaimed dancers, live sound designer Jordan Chiolis, and lighting designer Nicole Pearce. Displaying Gallim's virtuosic physicality and uncanny narrative structure, the daring new work addresses the tensions involved in love, sex, and domesticity. This performance contains nudity and the use of strobe lights.
Alessandro Sciarroni 02/17/17 To 02/18/17
Lauded Italian choreographer and theater director, Alessandro Sciarroni is known for his stagings that straddle dance, performance art, and ritual anthropology. In FOLK-S, he refines the Schuhplatter, a Bavarian folk dance, meaning “shoe batter,” is refined to it most essential form invoking a sense of playful experimentation and ritualized trance. Starting from an unceasing repeated sequence, FOLK-S invites us to take part in an extreme, perception-based experience centering on the multiple variations that a form can take and progressing to the point of exhaustion. Here the folk material finds its clearest revelation by being geographically and culturally decontextualized. Alessandro Sciarroni is an Italian performing artist with an extensive background in visual art and theater. His works are featured in dance and theater festivals, museums, and unconventional spaces and have been performed in over 20 different countries.
Meredith Monk + Anne Waldman 02/24/17 To 02/25/17
Two iconic woman known for their mesmerizing stage presences join forces for a singular evening of music, movement, and poetry. "One of contemporary music's great innovators" (The Classical Review), Meredith Monk is renowned for her extraordinary vocal technique, and her pioneering compositions have solidified her reputation as a startlingly original and intrepid artist. Anne Waldman is a prolific poet, playwright, activist, and author of more than 40 collections of poetry. An evening in three parts, Waldman begins with a performative reading of her poem, "Entanglement Variations," with visuals of paintings by Pat Steir and sound composition by Ambrose Bye. Meredith Monk will then perform several selections of work with members of her Vocal Ensemble. The evening culminates in a original collaborative duet between Monk and Waldman.
BODYTRAFFIC 03/10/17 To 03/12/17
Named "the company of the future" by The Joyce Theater Foundation, Dance Magazine's 25 to Watch, and Best of Culture by the Los Angeles Times, BODYTRAFFIC has surged to the forefront of the concert dance world, creating world-class contemporary dance by today's most distinctive choreographers. The stellar company presents the Boston premiers of The New 45 (excerpts) choreographed by Richard Siegal, Private Games: Chapter One choreographed by Anton Lachky, Once again, before you go, choreographed by Victor Quijada, and A Trick of the Light choreographed by Joshua L. Peugh.
Maria Hassabi: Staged 03/17/17 To 03/18/17
Maria Hassabi has honed a distinct practice involving the relation of the body to the still image and the sculptural object. Her mesmerizing work takes its time and asks it views to do the same, as it interrogates the separation between the spectacular and the mundane, between subject and object, between performer and audience. In Hassabi's new theater work, Staged, four of New York's most captivating dancers, Simon Courchel, Hristoula Harakas, Molly Lieber, and Oisin Monaghan perform individual solos, collectively forming an intricate live sculpture which that is constantly shape-shifting, abstracting the human form and its capacities. No Late Seating
MAUREEN FLEMING 04/21/17 To 04/22/17
In lyrical, sculptural transcendence, Maureen Fleming invents surreal movement poetry, curving her body into shapes of shattering beauty. Fleming's new multimedia creation, B. Madonna, features text by David Henry Hwang and music by Philip Glass (performed live by pianist Bruce Brubaker), original accordion music by Guy Klucevesek, and taiko drumming by Kaoru Watanabe. This beautiful multimedia mediation on miracles juxtaposes Fleming's new and repertory work with 3D video projections designed by longtime collaborator Christopher Odo.
Beth Gill 05/12/17 To 05/13/17
Beth Gill's minimalist works explore the tension between formalist structures and psychological themes, where layers of meaning unfold over a prolonged sense of time, while maintaining an extremely vivid sense of the simultaneous visual and visceral experiences of the viewer. The new work reflects on art historic value and aesthetics, and presents in its stead a dense, tangled, corporeal dance in which bodies are both disparately and desperately expressive.
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